Over the past few months I've been keeping my head down and songwriting, recording, repeat but.. when it comes to people listening 
and wilfully listening to your shit, it really does take a total opposite way of thinking. This is where I've been struggling,  
I've been having a great time being creative, making songs and feeling good about it.. but the realisation hits that you are your 
biggest fan. Even the people that DO listen to your shit, they like it but.. they wouldn't really LISTEN without u holding them 
gunpoint (im kind of joking there but not really). I mean.. who DOESNT like free shirts and shit? That's an idea I've had to put 
on hold until I get enough people to partake, this being the first blog you can already see im trying new things as an artist. Also, 
with this being my first blog, it's a start to a bigger future! I'm trying new things, speaking to new people and ALWAYS making 

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