Type Beats Aren't Bad 


Type Beats ARENT Bad

A whole bunch of beat makers these days are getting into the type beat scene, its like every day I see a new guy emerging on Youtube or up the charts on Airbit or Beatstars. So why do some people still frown upon it?  

I guess it can come down to ‘authenticity’, I used to be against type beats because everyone is essentially following a certain sound or artist thats hot, and to a degree this is correct. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a style your own. Imagine if a big rapper found a certain beat and liked it because it was his style, but it was also something a bit different!  

I think what I am against more these days is the SAME SOUNDS being used, in the SAME PLUGINS, just because so and so used it. You can still make beats that would suit a Young Thug or Migos without using sounds that worked well for them in the past. So yeah type beats aren’t bad, in fact its what I’m branching out into (as well as the rapping etc). It’s a great way to attract rappers as even I find myself searching for type beats, just to write raps to!  

(My Beat-store has recently been added to this site, feel free to browse it!)  


Top 5 Underrated Rappers (US Edition)  

DISCLAIMER: These are just my views.. don't take it too seriously it's based entirely on my opinion and what I like. 


What makes a great rapper? Sure Eminem, Pharoahe Monch, Aesop Rock, Nas have great ability to tell stories, create clever punchlines and grip the audience.. But is what makes an emcee great based entirely on lyrical skill?  One could argue without the flow, the lyrical genius cannot be appreciated. These rappers are ones that manage to fly under peoples appreciation radar when it comes to great pieces of work, and amount of skill. 


5. Evidence 

'You' (Produced by DJ Premier) 

Doesn't Evidence's flow and delivery work perfectly on this DJ Premier beat? His style is almost rhythmic talking.. but I mean that in the most complimentary way I can. With Evidence's chilled out rap style he manages to blend in with the beat, almost like an instrument.. as to standing out on it. You don't have to hear every one of his bars to just feel this song.. perfect combination of voice and production. 


'Same Folks' (Ft. Fashawn)

This one I also like alot.. 


4. J-Cole


Okay I get this has like 80 million views.. but does that really constitute what makes a great rapper? This song was really a highlight on his album, I love the uplifting feel.. as well as the heartfelt sentiment towards his mother. This section of the song (about his mother) does contain some depth a lot of rappers lack, comparing the way he treated her, as to how he presently acts towards his girlfriend. Furthermore, 'this is my canvas' is a way of thinking the rap community should adopt more, as J-Cole may not be the most lyrical, spiritual, spherical rap dude.. But he promotes his own sound, way of rapping and life! Although Forest Hills was my favourite album from him.. Probably because of how he blends singing into it more (easy listening). 


This was such an emotional introduction for the album (2014 Forest Hills Drive). Great instrumentation as well as lyrics.. making for an inspirational yet reflective piece of work. 


3. Method Man 

The What - Biggie Smalls Ft. Method Man 

Lets just appreciate the song where Method Man stood out alongside Biggie. Much Love to B.I.G but Method Man totally killed this classic. Raw emotion and flows.. Method Man manages to rap like a musician grooves.. The combination of his raspy voice and comfortable flow make sure your head is nodding. 

For more examples listen to this: 

Bring The Pain - Method Man 

This shit manages to make for a hardcore rap track while also being something u can dance to. Method Man manages to fuse these two components in his rapping style, if you watch the music video version you can also see how his body moves in sync to the flows..

[Method Man= Fun but also gritty]


2. AZ

AZ - Mo Money Mo Homocide Ft. Nas

Always loved the chemistry between Nas and AZ, this is a song where AZ stands out more than one of the GOATS. The flow is classic AZ, who else has a flow like that? He brings something truly unique when it comes to the art of rap. 


AZ - I'm Known 

This also shows how AZ can tell stories, while also spitting constant flows smoothly as hell. What makes AZ number 2 in my list is the fact that he completely embodies his own style, I don't think I know anyone who sounds like him. But we knew people who were inspired by him (cough cough Eminem). 


1. Talib Kweli 

Aside from his Ye'ish twitter politics, Kweli has had many great songs.. but some have been forgotten like they were awful flops. An album that comes to mind is indeed.. 'Prisoner of the Conscious'. I am not sure if it's just me.. but this album has A LOT of replay value, and surprising collabs (Nelly, Busta Rhymes, RZA to name a few). Im not sure if it's regarded as trash to critics, but since it dropped it seemed people didn't have to time to appreciate it. No Anthony Fantano review on it WAH.. Hear this J.Cole produced track by Talib, the perfect song I need to start my day. 

 It only Gets Better Ft. Marsha Ambrosius (Prod. J-Cole). 


Before he Walked Ft. Nelly & Abby Dobson 

(Nelly kills the shit too.. Probs Kweli proving a point.. Commercial Mcs can kill shit too..)



- @Outss.



My Anxiety is Bad [Pt.1]  

So it's almost 11.pm in my bedroom/studio(bedroom) and I'm racking my brain about what to start this.  I have realised I tend to not focus on myself a lot. Well I do but I don't think I like to talk about myself. Don't worry stiff-faces and SJWs, I'm not planning on dwelling on this topic too long. I just feel like giving those so distant from me, an insight into what I really think/feel..Maybe it'll make others feel okay, as I am not the only one. 
My Anxiety is BAD. [Part.1 ]

I must note; it never used to be like this. I really didn't used to give a shit about what people thought, or what I thought.. and generally could enjoy myself. I am not a fan of living in the past as bad shit happens to everyone, but as humans I guess we try to make sense of why we feel this. 



When I wake up, I think THE thought.. When I'm in bed I think THE thought.. Then THE thought  manifests into another thought later. It's quite hard for me to explain but it's something that's given me hell for years. I'd have the most horrible, gruesome and contradictory thought, and because I had it, I would feel an extreme guilt.. one that essentially results in trying to convince myself how I wouldn't act on these images. What made this worse was the lack of understanding from others.. the thought police culture some live in, where if you think it you will do it/or are it. What made these thoughts worse was who I was hurting in them,.. people I would die for. This chaotic thought cycle lasted strong for 2 years, leading me to taking medication, locking myself in my room and trying to stay away from home as much as possible. It hasn't completely gone, I still think it.. but now I realise I am the complete opposite, which is why I worry. My new destructive habit is racist thoughts, which I don't believe in in any form. Still it sticks because there's always that possibility.. what if I am? Just like the violent thoughts, this is amplified through thought police.. who also have ''bad'' thoughts themselves but just love that moral high ground. Just how my first thought dilemma ruined being close to people, this might also.. and what terrifies me is someone of different colour thinking I'm a racist. With that being said, how would people know what I think? If it wasn't for this blog post, no one would care but still..the thing is.. I WOULD. Thought policing does exist, but I need to stop doing it to myself first. 




Over the past few months I've been keeping my head down and songwriting, recording, repeat but.. when it comes to people listening 
and wilfully listening to your shit, it really does take a total opposite way of thinking. This is where I've been struggling,  
I've been having a great time being creative, making songs and feeling good about it.. but the realisation hits that you are your 
biggest fan. Even the people that DO listen to your shit, they like it but.. they wouldn't really LISTEN without u holding them 
gunpoint (im kind of joking there but not really). I mean.. who DOESNT like free shirts and shit? That's an idea I've had to put 
on hold until I get enough people to partake, this being the first blog you can already see im trying new things as an artist. Also, 
with this being my first blog, it's a start to a bigger future! I'm trying new things, speaking to new people and ALWAYS making